It’s Time to Say Goodbye.


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They say that it took Thomas Edison 10,000 tries to invent the light bulb.  And that any prodigy or expert has spent 10,000 hours practicing their craft.  Even Mozart had to invest 10,000 hours before getting really great at writing symphonies (He just started at age 5.)

For the last year, I have enjoyed publishing this blog.  I am a thinker; I am a Mom; and I have a BIG heart for seeing kiddos recover and live fuller lives than anyone thought possible.

What I underestimated was how difficult it was going to be to reach parents with my message.  In this way the Helping Hurt Kids Blog has been a failure.  Which is just fine.  I will shift gears.

I am DELIGHTED to begin the journey with the families and orphanage who are on board to work with me.  The truth is: they all “found” me the old fashioned way via friends and doctors referring to me, not in cyberspace, not on Facebook, not in blogosphere.

In the words of Donald Trump, “Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.”

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How do I know it’s possible?

If I have a personal favorite of all my blog entries this last year. It would be this one: How do I know it’s possible.

Empowering Parents To Wellness

–A boy named Muller went from Cerebral palsy to valedictorian to priesthood.
–A boy named Nama went from profoundly Autistic to full diagnosis removal.
–A boy named York went from severe Dyslexia & Dyspraxia to fluent adult level reading by age 12, and wrote for his timed AP exams as a teenager.
–A boy named Marcus went from Down’s syndrome to college courses at YALE by age 10. He has a photographic reading ability, reads an adult level book every day, and runs a 5k every day!
–A boy named Lewis went from Meningitis to college courses in physics and recording arts by age 12, and giving the best Sr.  Music recital ever heard at his University, to a professional film composer and brilliant life coach.

Want more historical names?

Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, James Earl Jones…were seizure convulsing, stuttering, late talking…

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1 Week, 1 Slot Left

last chance

A mentor of mine once said, “There’s a big difference between the many who need your help, and the few who want your help.”

With that said, there is one last week before applications are due (April 10;)  and one slot yet to be filled.  (See: How Can You be a Part of Something Life-Changing? and What is This FREE Thing You are Offering?  for details.)  Request an application by email:

It’s interesting to me how there seems to be a gap between what I am saying, and what some are interpreting… I say, “I’ve found a better way.  We’re seeing results.  This is GREAT!”  And some parents interpret, “What, I’m not doing it right?!?”

But, then there are those who “get it.”  A hospital RN, who recently heard me speak, openly confessed,

“The medical community at large is not seeking a cure or looking for solutions, like you are.  All they have is management of symptoms at best.  That’s all they have to offer really.

And a Special Ed. teacher who sought me out for further discourse said,

You could have a significant, positive impact on every single one of the students in my class. (Pause…)  But, we have to get this to the parents.

Moms and Dads, you make all the difference in the world.  For some kids YOU are the difference between life or death.  For other kids, the difference between institution or independence.  While others, the difference between wheelchair or walking.  You make a difference.

I am NOT telling you that you are doing it wrong.  I am saying, YOU are SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than you may be giving yourself credit.

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Suddenly or Finally?


For years, I have searched…

For months, I have speculated and formulated solutions…

Today,  I was shown to be………. RIGHT!

Today, my husband and I looked at each other and said, “Tee is different today. Better.”  And has been the case for many years now, my mind went back over the last few days, to hunt for what we did differently; what we did “right” to bring about this “suddenly” better.

The truth is this “suddenly” was not so much a one time; one event; “a-ha;”  but, it was IBK treatment #50.  Since, September 25, 2014 we have been running Immune Boosting Kinesiology (IBK) at home.  40 of the 50 sessions have been on specific brain parts:  Central Sulcus, Abducens Nucleus, Parietal Lobe Left, etc. etc.  Late in the evening on March 29, 2015 we treated for the Pons area of the brain.  (I have long suspected Tee’s injury most affected the Pons area of the brain.  Even though so called “experts” said, “No, he has mid-brain and cortical problems.”)  Call it Mom’s intuition and a little investigation into the anatomy of the brain.  And today?

Guess what?  I was RIGHT!

An IBK treatment takes 24 hours to “sink in”  and thinking back, he was quite cranky in the evening on the 30th.

Today we quizzed him.  What’s going on with you?  What’s different for you?  And this is what he reported back to us..

The IBK helped to turn off the fire in my brain.  Yes, especially the pons treatment.  (When did you feel a difference?) Two days ago.  My hearing turned on in my right ear, and my face feels less sensitive to touch.  I am very happy about that.

I can’t say it, any more plainly than that.

Those who know me personally, know how genuine, sincere and honest a person I am.  When I say, “it doesn’t matter what it’s called; it matters what you DO about it.”  I mean it.

(By-the-Way, IBK type of treatments usually run $40-$100 EACH in a clinical or chiropractic setting.  So, these 50 sessions would have cost between $2,000 – $5,000.  But, by teaching parents to do these simple techniques in their own home, the only cost incurred are the material supplies.  A few sets of vials runs a few hundred dollars.)

I LOVE saving people money.

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Why I’m SO Lucky.


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It’s true!  I feel like one of the LUCKIEST Moms on the planet!  Why is this?  Because just yesterday, my kiddo spoke his own name, with his own mouth, for the first time ever. 🙂  I not only got to witness this feat amid giggles, high-fives and great excitement, but I got to be the one there to teach and experience it with him!!

Now this is no disrespect to the sweet and caring individuals who are professional speech therapists; but, let’s face it!  These are the sweet Victories and JOYS which are so easily robbed of us parents, when we have a “special needs” child.

And WHY?  Is it truly out of medical necessity?  Or is this just “the way things are done around here.”

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine (who has already gotten her child to diagnosis removal…)  She said, “if I had to do it over again, I would have never had our first IEP with him at age 3.”  I couldn’t agree MORE!  We had our first IFSP (Infant version) at 6 months old!!

Parents, really think about it…  Is it truly free, if a government agent comes into your home every 6 months, and ask you the most personal of questions??  It is truly free when they pull out the measuring stick of “normal” and hold it up to your precious little one?  “Oh, still not measuring up…”  I don’t know about you, but this made me feel like utter crap!  A government agency was interfering and subtly stealing away the joy, delight and natural affections I had for my child.  THAT IS NOT FREE!  That is a HUGE price to pay!

I have been criticized by some, “What makes this mom thinks she knows more than professionals who have been at this for years, or even decades?”

My answer is simple, “I know what I know.”

I have results with my child.  When all is said and done, I am responsible for my kid; just as you are responsible for yours.

I know the trans-formative Power of Delight!


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What is This FREE Thing You are Offering?


Dawn answers your questions:

From now until April 10, 2015 I’m taking applications; and offering my services to work with families on an individual basis. You are the WORLD CLASS EXPERTS on you own children… and I am a “smart cookie” who cares about your hurt kids, and your well ones too. Most of all I am a MOM. I have figured out a few things about health, healing, and how to impact the nervous system and the brain, no matter what the label or diagnosis. If it works, it works!

Why are you doing this?

On some level, I know what it’s like to be a hurt kid myself, and to overcome challenges. (I mention that briefly in the post, How do I know it’s Possible.) I am also the Mom of an amazing kid, who was not mildly or moderately hurt, but severely and profoundly impacted by his injury. And he has come so far! Just the other day, we walked 4.5 Kilometers in a little over an hour; and he communicates to me, “Mom, I don’t like Math. It’s too easy. I’m bored.” So, we moved on to Algebra. If he were to be put into the school system and Special Education, they would treat him like a moron; when nothing is farther from the truth.

I guess on a selfish level, I am looking for those to journey with us. Those who TRULY believe in the potential of their own children. Families who are willing to try in their own homes, what has worked for other families, like mine.  Those families who have a glimpse of what their child may be, or may become, in spite of what it looks like in the here and now…

I love to teach and pass on what I know…And I know A LOT! I also feel a moral obligation to share. In our home, we make strides every day to run the race, and finish this race that is put before us, in a God-honoring way. I believe in what’s possible for your kiddo too. Let’s maximize their fullest potential, not just settle for what the “system” tells us to believe. Aim high!! (I once had a team member of ours question me, “Where is all this headed?” “You mean eventually?” “Yes.” I said, “Oxford University, or Cambridge, Julliard, Berkley School of Music, or anywhere else he want to go.” She replied, “I think you should just settle for getting him, um you know, talking…” Needless to say, this person did not remain a team member with that opinion.) Especially, since I know of another little boy (a 10 year old with Down’s syndrome) who is currently taking online courses at Yale! I knew better than to put stock in her opinion. Aim high. I’m just saying… Aim high.

What is this Unified Healing you are talking about?

Unified Healing looks at the hierarchy and needs of the nervous system first. As human beings, we are built to survive. (Period) So, the brain will always prioritize (for example) the need for oxygen more than the need for water, food… It’s just how we are built. The priorities of the body, brain, and person make up the Unified Healing diagram. (See also, the problem solving portion of 7 Intentional Messages.)


Unified 1


 How did you come up with these priorities of the nervous system and Unified Healing?

It sounds a bit morbid, but I looked at how quickly or slowly people died in different circumstances… Electricity is “King of the hill,” so to speak, because if a lighting strike crosses your heart meridian with its 300 Kilo-volts, it only takes 3 milliseconds to stop the heart. On the flip side, having purpose, meaning and connection as a human being is profoundly important.

The truth be told the most powerful solutions are really found near the top and bottom layers of the diagram. Most doctors look at ridding the body of toxins… giving melatonin or sleep-aids for sleep… maybe, going gluten-free in the diet… And therapists are wanting to get these kids moving and talking, but they are looking for end results, and skipping over key factors of sensory input, and the most important developmental foundations… it’s like trying to build a solid wall on water and sand. It just doesn’t work like we all hope it will.

 What are your solutions instead?

My healing program encompasses 12 areas of need and opportunity. (I say, opportunity because so many people are busy looking for the “quick cure,” that they themselves miss the opportunity to learn about real health and healing.) It’s an opportunity for the whole family!

These 12 Areas include:


The Power of Delight

RPM – Reflex Power Moves

IBK – Immune Boosting Kinesiology

NBA – Natural Born Athletes

Truest Education

Superior Nutrition

Sensory Cave

The Healing Home

Customized Oils and Young Living

MAS – Programmable Pulsed Magnet

Faith in Practice

(+1 appointment we keep.)

Don’t know what these are?  Curious to know more?? That’s why it is my pleasure to share them with you.

 Will this offer return again for FREE?

Do the words “Snowballs chance in **” mean anything??  Seriously though, it is HIGHLY, HIGHLY unlikely.  If you’ve read the About page, you know what we have invested of our own family’s resources in finding answers.  On top of that, I have innovated, condensed, and distilled the solutions down to bite-size pieces.  If you take this seriously, invest the time in your child; your life will never be the same.  I know mine isn’t.

Request an application:  FREE offer will expire!  Submit your application prior to April 10.

Thank you.

–Dawn Segawa -aka Teezmom

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Does anyone Believe this man is stupid??

Does anyone believe this man is stupid??


Of course not! He is Stephen Hawking for heaven’s sake!

How about him?  Is he dumb?

The great James Earl Jones. I think not.

And what about Ken Jennings?


The most winning-est player on Jeopardy, does anyone think him an idiot?  OF COURSE NOT!!

Just think about it… Hawking is unable to speak or move on his own. Yet we all know and believe, Stephen Hawking is one of the most brilliant minds of our time.

And James Earl Jones?  He overcame a major stuttering problem to become the Voice of Darth Vader.

And Ken Jennings?  Listen closely…  as he wins game, after game, after game, after game on Jeopardy do you hear it??  He has a slight speech impediment.

So why do we assume that children unable to speak or move are stupid?   See: How do I know it’s Possible

In the words of Glenn Doman, “Sure there are plenty of stupid people in the world. I have yet, to meet a brain-injured child who is one of them.”  There are over 350+ different labels for hurt kids.  Where are they hurt?  In one, or several regions of the brain.  Does this make them stupid, dumb, or retarded?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Not a single one of them.

How many of you have been told (or implied) that your child is slow, stupid, retarded, autistic, un-trainable, ineducable, and the like…?

These adjectives, or labels, could not be farther from the truth!

Say What?

I am telling you that your hurt kid, maybe very hurt kid, is not only smart, they have the potential to be near-genius, or genius level smart.  Until you, the parents, tap into creative ways to communicate, you may never know how much they already know, inside there. I have heard of story, after story, after story of 2 and 3 year old “autistic” children teaching themselves to read.

Consider this: How easy is it for a typical 2 year old to learn multiple languages when raised in such an environment? Piece of cake! So easy! Here is the gift. If your child is Neurologically young (not yet talking, running, or walking well…) then their “window” of learning STAYS OPEN as if they are 2 or 3 years old.  See: A Good Problem

What do I mean by Intelligence and Education? Good ol’ fashion Reading, Writing, Math, Geography, History, Science, Literature, etc.  Reading is done with the eyes. Writing can be conveyed by pointing or tapping one letter at a time, when necessary. And Math can be taught by little red dots, for the amounts up to 100 or 150. In fact, this is the BEST way to teach Math, by amount first. (Contact me for educational resources: )

Bottom Line:  Speech DOES NOT equal Intelligence!!

Just today, my kiddo read George Washington’s resignation speech to Congress at Annapolis (with words like sanguine, diffidence, arduous, rectitude, providence, and superintendence…  I had to read it a few times over, with a dictionary in hand to make sure I got it.  “This one is hard to read,” he communicates to me.  But, did he flinch?  Did he look away from the book?  Nope.  NO WORD is TOO BIG for a little kid.

Speech DOES NOT equal Intelligence!!

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How Can You be a Part of Something Life-Changing?

Ask this Mom… Why, What, When?

Why do I write, while in the fight?

I am sure many parents think, “If I just get MY kid well, and grown to independent living, then I have done my duty.” And (as we all know,) that is NO small feat.

However, this Mom is built a little differently than most… Once I discovered the answers and keys to unlock my son’s nervous system and journey to healing… I was grief stricken (nearly haunted) by the dozens of kids we had met along the way.

My son has no choice but to succeed; he has me as his mom! 🙂 And I have stopped at NOTHING to find answers about healing and the nervous system. My son has gone from “nearly catatonic” (as the doctor reminds me) to nearly doing a daily 5K, and educated above grade level. But, what about your kids?

Out of 12 kids I recall, if they stay on their current paths in 5-10 years, I am guessing:

3 kids – (1 being my son.) Will succeed in life.

2 kids – Marginalized in society.

3 kids – Institutionalized (highly likely.)

4 kids – Lucky to be alive.

Sure, none of us truly knows the future, and these may be sweeping generalizations given to different kiddos, with different diagnosis. The point is, these are REAL children, with REAL challenges (I see their faces, and know their names) given their current paths: this is highly likely.

I want to tell parents what I know. What’s safe, what’s smart, what’s sensible, WHAT WORKS!!  My approach is done at home, and saves your family thousands of dollars a month in appointments!!

Just ONE of these effective techniques is making a difference for the patients of Dr. Moreno:  “Rebreathing has been the simplest, most dramatic health optimizing modality I have explored in over 30 years .”  And THIS MOM not only introduced it to him, but told him how to implement!


What’s happening now?

This Blog, Helping Hurt Kids is undergoing transformation (aren’t we all.) Between Now and April 10, 2015 Dawn is accepting applications to work independently with you and your family, for FREE! This WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY may not come around again (at least not for free.)

Window of opportunity

Once your application is accepted, we will work together to customize a home program just for you and your kiddo. Your personalized home program may include ONE or ALL areas (depending on your needs…)



We have paid for this ad-free blog space until April 10… You have between now and April 10 to file an application with

Your success stories, and lessons and anecdotes may be included in Dawn’s book, which is currently being written. (Names changes, of course for privacy.)

Many have encouraged us: Keep writing!  And we will. Given the limits of time (as we are daily running our own son’s successful program.) Any writing efforts need to go into compiling a book, and working with a select few families in the process.



Request a simple 7 question application at:


I will happily answer any questions:

Be a part of something life-changing, for YOUR kid, today.

God Bless!

Dawn, aka Teezmom

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My philosophy too…

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More Cool Quotes.

Thanks to Keith Ferrin for supplying more cool kid quotes…

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.” -C. S. Lewis

“Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it.” -Swedish Proverb

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” -Nelson Mandela

“Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.” -Josh Shipp

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” -Neil Postman

“How do we create an environment for kids to hear God’s voice and just be with Him? What might possibly happen in our midst when we commit ourselves to that?” -Dr. Michelle Anthony

“When I was very young, most of my childhood heroes wore capes, flew through the air, or picked up buildings with one arm. But as I grew, my heroes changed, so that now I can honestly say that anyone who does anything to help a child is a hero to me.” -Fred “Mr.” Rogers

“Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.” -Andy Stanley

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