How do I know it’s possible?

–A boy named Muller went from Cerebral palsy to valedictorian to priesthood.
–A boy named Nama went from profoundly Autistic to full diagnosis removal.
–A boy named York went from severe Dyslexia & Dyspraxia to fluent adult level reading by age 12, and wrote for his timed AP exams as a teenager.
–A boy named Marcus went from Down’s syndrome to college courses at YALE by age 10. He has a photographic reading ability, reads an adult level book every day, and runs a 5k every day!
–A boy named Lewis went from Meningitis to college courses in physics and recording arts by age 12, and giving the best Sr.  Music recital ever heard at his University, to a professional film composer and brilliant life coach.


Want more historical names?

Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Beethoven, Thomas Edison, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Winston Churchill, James Earl Jones…were seizure convulsing, stuttering, late talking, sensory issued, blind – deaf, uneducatable…HURT KIDS. For whom either someone stood in the gap for them, or like Michael Phelps (another hurt kid) got mad, got in a pool and started swimming.


How do I really know it’s possible?  I was a hurt kid… with language processing issues, extremely slow reading ability, raised in a violent atmosphere, repeatedly called “stupid kid,” and (no wonder) severe writer’s block…  So, How did I graduate college Magna Cum Laude, find my voice, and become a loving mom??  (Or to quote my God-son : “the most kick a$$ warrior momma Ever!!!!!!”

After God saved me…I got mad, I got in the spiritual, emotional, and academic pools of life, and swam my way to being a lifelong learner.

I don’t know everything… I do know, IT’S POSSIBLE!!

About teezmom

Bio: Dawn Segawa has worn many hats in life… classical and jazz flutist, life coach, artist, Cranio-Sacral specialist, teacher, friend, and most importantly mom, wife, and beloved daughter of the Most High.
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7 Responses to How do I know it’s possible?

  1. Bernadette says:

    How did you overcome all this in your life ,who was with you helping you along ,I know God was but I am sure someone special who believed in you and saw your greatness was there beside you ?
    How did the York with Dyspraxia recover?
    Have you wrote a book ?

  2. teezmom says:

    Bernadette- If I had the solution for you sweet granddaughter, I would certainly tell you in a heartbeat. I don’t believe there is a simple formula, or a one-size-fits-all solution… I do know God is at the center of all our journeys, helping us to continue on the path as we look for answers.

  3. Reverend Doctor Peter G. St. Don says:

    This is wonderful writing, both factual and very inspirational! Peter St. Don

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  6. teezmom says:

    Reblogged this on Empowering Parents To Wellness and commented:

    If I have a personal favorite of all my blog entries this last year. It would be this one: How do I know it’s possible.

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