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Is Anyone Curious??

First, the good news:  “Tee” is ticklish on his belly and torso for the 1st time in his life!!!!  Head back, full-on, laugh-out-loud ticklish! Next, a very brief history:  Although it is my intention for this blog to empower parents … Continue reading

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20 Reasons Why I Love Men.

1-What you see, is what you get. 2-A man is more likely to follow “rules of engagement,” firing a warning shot across the bow (of a boat,) rather than pulling a concealed dagger. 3-A man will take “It is, what … Continue reading

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Is There a Difference Between Pity and Compassion?

Last night, I did a rare thing… I stopped long enough to watch a movie.  It was a French film called the The Intouchables *(Man paralyzed from the neck down by an accident, who hires a street-wise “caregiver” who shows … Continue reading

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The Physique of a Greek.

10 things we do every day: Reflexes (6 of them:) 1–Follow the Ball 2–Squeeze the Squishy 3–Gecko 4–Up to Crawl (Pose) 5–Angel Wings 6–Splat *For the nerds among us (like me) those are Tonic Labyrinthine-TLR, Palmar Grasp, Asymmetrical Tonic Neck-ATNR, … Continue reading

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Lesson of the Cactus Blossom

For the last year, we have been blessed to live, in all places… a desert.  Summer days range from 99-120 degrees F (37.2 -48.8 C)…and the setting sun is such a blessing. Another curious thing happens during summer nights:  the … Continue reading

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Phonics & War

I’ve heard that in an era of war, a culture will significantly drop in literacy rates, as well as the arts.  Music, poetry, fine arts, dance, fine acting, literature; and yes, the ability to read… in other words, the things … Continue reading

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