Art of the Remake


Richie and Twain –

Around our house lately, we’ve been enjoying a few remake (or cover) albums by various artists.  I admire those who pursue excellence in their art, long after their public persona has shifted, and the mega-crowds have dwindled.

While a track or 2 may not be quite like the original (Manilow’s version of Careless Whisper would not likely have been the mega-hit George Michael’s version was…)  What I like is not only the quality as a whole, but that some of the tracks are far better than the originals.  Have you heard Donny Osmond sing, I Can See Clearly Now?  That boy can wail!!  Or how about Lionel Richie’s Tuskegee album?  Not only did he have the courage to take songs he had written, and remake them as country duets; he simultaneously re-launched the career of Shania Twain in the process!!  Amazing.

Autism to me, is a remake album.  At first things seem to be progressing just fine, and parents breathe a sigh of relief with “Well Baby” check-ups at the pediatrician’s office, then it hits:  the slowing of development, the withdrawal, and “regression into autism.”  For some they are plunged into the heart of darkness, with night terrors, incessant insomnia, and raging tantrums that could make Mike Tyson and Luis Suarez look like pussycats.  Did you know allergic hives can not only show up on the skin, but IN the body as well?  I think I would be having night terrors too, if the taco, or burrito I ate for lunch, was welting and blistering my innards.

My definition of Autism is a processing disorder… difficulty processing food properly, or processing out toxins, and a hard time processing sensory input.  This is a major case of Childus Interruptus (child interrupted.)  Whether through pesticides, toxins, vaccines or poisons, the child’s nervous system and brain have been dealt a wallop of a punch to interrupt the growing-up process.

Where you once thought you had a well baby, you find your family thrown, and stumbling into the realm of Hurt Kids.  Some find themselves stuck in the land of coulda-shoulda-woulda-been…  Me? I waste no time there, I move on to the “Art of the Remake.”  It’s a do-over.

A few things may never be 100% like they were before, but others may actually turn out incredibly better.  Once we address the interruption, that is; and restart the body’s natural ability to process.  It’s a do-over, when we push the “reset” buttons.

This may sound preposterous to some who want to keep everyone in their neat little boxes and “communities of support,” but I am here to say, other labels get “do-overs” as well:  Meningitis, Encephalitis, Stroke, Car Accidents, Near Drowned, etc., etc.

The more interesting questions to ask, are not “What’s it called, why’s this happening, or whose to blame?”  NO.  The much more interesting questions are, “When did it interrupt the development process?  Where in the brain is the child hurt?  Does the child know they are hurt?  And very importantly have survival (fight/flight or freezing) mechanisms been triggered?”  These are the interesting questions!!  The answers shed much more light on what to do, and where to head for solutions.

Take “autism from birth” this is most likely an injury affecting the Pons area of the brain, as the Pons holds the “relay station” to the sensory region; whereas “regression to autism” is a hurt in the sensory cortex.

How can this…brain2grolierInc

look like this?


They both involve the sensory systems, and the ways the child is trying to adapt.  Both may wave arms, have difficulty with speech, and/or engage in repetitive obsessive behaviors, so they get the same label slapped on these different children: Autism.

It’s astounding to me how most Neurologists seem to be looking for the collection of symptoms, and don’t seem to be asking the interesting questions, or looking for real solutions…  When? Where? Do they know? Has survival been triggered? These are much more interesting questions to collaborate on a remake album.


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Bio: Dawn Segawa has worn many hats in life… classical and jazz flutist, life coach, artist, Cranio-Sacral specialist, teacher, friend, and most importantly mom, wife, and beloved daughter of the Most High.
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2 Responses to Art of the Remake

  1. djsumibeats says:

    I like the word “restart” and “remake,” because it infers the recognition of the “initial” or “first.” I’m constantly reminded of the importance of getting out of denial, so that my energy can be focused on the next steps. . .the remake! Love you!

  2. Bernadette says:

    So good , you empower others with your words , you vocalize what we are thinking in a way that we cannot ,sometimes we can feel so alone and when I read this I know I am not alone,this bring great comfort to us ,I hope you know that .

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