How Can You be a Part of Something Life-Changing?

Ask this Mom… Why, What, When?

Why do I write, while in the fight?

I am sure many parents think, “If I just get MY kid well, and grown to independent living, then I have done my duty.” And (as we all know,) that is NO small feat.

However, this Mom is built a little differently than most… Once I discovered the answers and keys to unlock my son’s nervous system and journey to healing… I was grief stricken (nearly haunted) by the dozens of kids we had met along the way.

My son has no choice but to succeed; he has me as his mom! 🙂 And I have stopped at NOTHING to find answers about healing and the nervous system. My son has gone from “nearly catatonic” (as the doctor reminds me) to nearly doing a daily 5K, and educated above grade level. But, what about your kids?

Out of 12 kids I recall, if they stay on their current paths in 5-10 years, I am guessing:

3 kids – (1 being my son.) Will succeed in life.

2 kids – Marginalized in society.

3 kids – Institutionalized (highly likely.)

4 kids – Lucky to be alive.

Sure, none of us truly knows the future, and these may be sweeping generalizations given to different kiddos, with different diagnosis. The point is, these are REAL children, with REAL challenges (I see their faces, and know their names) given their current paths: this is highly likely.

I want to tell parents what I know. What’s safe, what’s smart, what’s sensible, WHAT WORKS!!  My approach is done at home, and saves your family thousands of dollars a month in appointments!!

Just ONE of these effective techniques is making a difference for the patients of Dr. Moreno:  “Rebreathing has been the simplest, most dramatic health optimizing modality I have explored in over 30 years .”  And THIS MOM not only introduced it to him, but told him how to implement!


What’s happening now?

This Blog, Helping Hurt Kids is undergoing transformation (aren’t we all.) Between Now and April 10, 2015 Dawn is accepting applications to work independently with you and your family, for FREE! This WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY may not come around again (at least not for free.)

Window of opportunity

Once your application is accepted, we will work together to customize a home program just for you and your kiddo. Your personalized home program may include ONE or ALL areas (depending on your needs…)



We have paid for this ad-free blog space until April 10… You have between now and April 10 to file an application with

Your success stories, and lessons and anecdotes may be included in Dawn’s book, which is currently being written. (Names changes, of course for privacy.)

Many have encouraged us: Keep writing!  And we will. Given the limits of time (as we are daily running our own son’s successful program.) Any writing efforts need to go into compiling a book, and working with a select few families in the process.



Request a simple 7 question application at:


I will happily answer any questions:

Be a part of something life-changing, for YOUR kid, today.

God Bless!

Dawn, aka Teezmom

About teezmom

Bio: Dawn Segawa has worn many hats in life… classical and jazz flutist, life coach, artist, Cranio-Sacral specialist, teacher, friend, and most importantly mom, wife, and beloved daughter of the Most High.
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2 Responses to How Can You be a Part of Something Life-Changing?

  1. Patty Thompson says:

    You are incredible and I am so proud of you. I am forwarding this on to others that I think you can help and be the positive influence that you are to many. Congratulations Dawn Segawa. xo

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