Why I’m SO Lucky.


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It’s true!  I feel like one of the LUCKIEST Moms on the planet!  Why is this?  Because just yesterday, my kiddo spoke his own name, with his own mouth, for the first time ever. 🙂  I not only got to witness this feat amid giggles, high-fives and great excitement, but I got to be the one there to teach and experience it with him!!

Now this is no disrespect to the sweet and caring individuals who are professional speech therapists; but, let’s face it!  These are the sweet Victories and JOYS which are so easily robbed of us parents, when we have a “special needs” child.

And WHY?  Is it truly out of medical necessity?  Or is this just “the way things are done around here.”

In a recent conversation with a friend of mine (who has already gotten her child to diagnosis removal…)  She said, “if I had to do it over again, I would have never had our first IEP with him at age 3.”  I couldn’t agree MORE!  We had our first IFSP (Infant version) at 6 months old!!

Parents, really think about it…  Is it truly free, if a government agent comes into your home every 6 months, and ask you the most personal of questions??  It is truly free when they pull out the measuring stick of “normal” and hold it up to your precious little one?  “Oh, still not measuring up…”  I don’t know about you, but this made me feel like utter crap!  A government agency was interfering and subtly stealing away the joy, delight and natural affections I had for my child.  THAT IS NOT FREE!  That is a HUGE price to pay!

I have been criticized by some, “What makes this mom thinks she knows more than professionals who have been at this for years, or even decades?”

My answer is simple, “I know what I know.”

I have results with my child.  When all is said and done, I am responsible for my kid; just as you are responsible for yours.

I know the trans-formative Power of Delight!


About teezmom

Bio: Dawn Segawa has worn many hats in life… classical and jazz flutist, life coach, artist, Cranio-Sacral specialist, teacher, friend, and most importantly mom, wife, and beloved daughter of the Most High.
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2 Responses to Why I’m SO Lucky.

  1. Janine says:

    WONDERFUL! YAY T! And I agree with everything you said, Dawn. I am so into freedom, that I could never voluntarily invite the govt into my homeschooling, either, even if they gave me $100,000 for classes and 10 free computers! We know our children better than the govt “standards” and love and work with them like no “professional” can. Love this post!

  2. Grandma H. says:

    WOW! It was also so great to hear him say Grandma today over the phone. That too was DEE-LIGHTFUL to hear!!

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