Suddenly or Finally?


For years, I have searched…

For months, I have speculated and formulated solutions…

Today,  I was shown to be………. RIGHT!

Today, my husband and I looked at each other and said, “Tee is different today. Better.”  And has been the case for many years now, my mind went back over the last few days, to hunt for what we did differently; what we did “right” to bring about this “suddenly” better.

The truth is this “suddenly” was not so much a one time; one event; “a-ha;”  but, it was IBK treatment #50.  Since, September 25, 2014 we have been running Immune Boosting Kinesiology (IBK) at home.  40 of the 50 sessions have been on specific brain parts:  Central Sulcus, Abducens Nucleus, Parietal Lobe Left, etc. etc.  Late in the evening on March 29, 2015 we treated for the Pons area of the brain.  (I have long suspected Tee’s injury most affected the Pons area of the brain.  Even though so called “experts” said, “No, he has mid-brain and cortical problems.”)  Call it Mom’s intuition and a little investigation into the anatomy of the brain.  And today?

Guess what?  I was RIGHT!

An IBK treatment takes 24 hours to “sink in”  and thinking back, he was quite cranky in the evening on the 30th.

Today we quizzed him.  What’s going on with you?  What’s different for you?  And this is what he reported back to us..

The IBK helped to turn off the fire in my brain.  Yes, especially the pons treatment.  (When did you feel a difference?) Two days ago.  My hearing turned on in my right ear, and my face feels less sensitive to touch.  I am very happy about that.

I can’t say it, any more plainly than that.

Those who know me personally, know how genuine, sincere and honest a person I am.  When I say, “it doesn’t matter what it’s called; it matters what you DO about it.”  I mean it.

(By-the-Way, IBK type of treatments usually run $40-$100 EACH in a clinical or chiropractic setting.  So, these 50 sessions would have cost between $2,000 – $5,000.  But, by teaching parents to do these simple techniques in their own home, the only cost incurred are the material supplies.  A few sets of vials runs a few hundred dollars.)

I LOVE saving people money.

About teezmom

Bio: Dawn Segawa has worn many hats in life… classical and jazz flutist, life coach, artist, Cranio-Sacral specialist, teacher, friend, and most importantly mom, wife, and beloved daughter of the Most High.
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