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7 Intentional Messages.

What are the 7 intentional messages for this blog? 1. It Is Possible. 2. Trust your own intuition as parents more (much, much more) than any so-called expert, therapist, or system (no matter what their credentials, or level of education.)  … Continue reading

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Time for a Bit of Humor.

Behind the scenes at Helping Hurt Kids, we have been working overtime lately, so it’s time for a bit of humor to lighten the mood. On the home front as “teez” parents, we also narrowly escaped a trip to the … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Curious??

First, the good news:  “Tee” is ticklish on his belly and torso for the 1st time in his life!!!!  Head back, full-on, laugh-out-loud ticklish! Next, a very brief history:  Although it is my intention for this blog to empower parents … Continue reading

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