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Why I’m SO Lucky.

It’s true!  I feel like one of the LUCKIEST Moms on the planet!  Why is this?  Because just yesterday, my kiddo spoke his own name, with his own mouth, for the first time ever. 🙂  I not only got to … Continue reading

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7 Intentional Messages.

What are the 7 intentional messages for this blog? 1. It Is Possible. 2. Trust your own intuition as parents more (much, much more) than any so-called expert, therapist, or system (no matter what their credentials, or level of education.)  … Continue reading

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Is There a Difference Between Pity and Compassion?

Last night, I did a rare thing… I stopped long enough to watch a movie.  It was a French film called the The Intouchables *(Man paralyzed from the neck down by an accident, who hires a street-wise “caregiver” who shows … Continue reading

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In recent years, the word “tolerance” has come to be a positive word in our culture…not showing discrimination particularly towards another person’s race, etc. I see the world differently than most… So, when I hear the word tolerate, I cringe … Continue reading

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Secret Codes & Love Messages

Back when my son was born a hurt baby, rather than what we all expect and hope for:  a well baby…you can imagine my feelings of upset, shock and bewilderment. Not wanting to stuff or deny, I took my feelings … Continue reading

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